4N GT internal w/g

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This is the new 4N GT turbo kit featured on our M4 GT4 shop car!!

This kit utilizes an internally gated twin scroll borg Warner EFR turbo. For the S55 I was able to keep the electronic actuator and design an oem type actuator mount.

I designed this kit specifically for the race track/ road course. Keeping the wastegate internal helps with passing sound checks at local tracks. You also no longer have to worry about wastegate maintenance, spring changes, roasted vacuum lines or the w/g bellows burning up after a few hard track days. Another added benefit is weight savings and you can easily setup boost by gear to help with coming off of the apex. especially from 2-3rd gear.

This kit will also fit N55 F series cars. The charge pipe will be different and it will have a coolant pipe. Those are the only changes!

This kit is built with a 3 to 3.5 downpipe. If you are going for 850+hp a 4 inch downpipe option can be selected during ordering.

Here is the expected power output with the EFR lineup.

8474- 600-850whp
9274- 700-900whp
9280- 800-1000whp