S55 Single Turbo Kit

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This is our twin scroll single turbo S55 Kit. This kit is 900whp capable with the G35-1050! This kit utilizes a billet 6-2 t4 twin scroll Elmer Racing merge collector that is 5 axis cnc machined from 1 piece stainless steel. The manifold runners are fully back purged sch40 ss304l. This kit has produced 786whp and 752tq with the GTX3584RS turbo with more room left! We have been constantly pushing the s55 platform with this kit and have broken a world record with the stock engine.  If you have any questions feel free to email us! We have other turbo options available from precision to Xona. Let us know what your goals are!

 The expected shipping eta is 6-8 weeks!


Downpipe selection:

Stock connection downpipe is designed to connect to factory dual exhaust midpipes!

3.0-3.5 is designed for a single 3.5 mid pipe for the best sound and performance. This is currently what our test car is running in the photos above!


This is a bolt on kit with no extra modifications required!




kit content includes:


1 twin scroll high flowing manifold

1 t4 twin scroll gasket 

1 garret gtw6765r or gtx3584rs 

2 coolant fitting adapters

2 5/16 turbo coolant lines 

1 hot side charge pipe

1 3.5 inch intake with filter

1 single turbo downpipe 

1 oil feed line with adapter 

1 oil drain line with adapter 

2 tial 38mm waste gates  

2 waste gate dump tubes 




 G force v3 boost controller or plex pro 

exhaust manifold gaskets

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