N52 turbo kit G30-660 IWG

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Here is our N52 bottom mount turbo kit! 

This kit is set up just like our other versions of BMW turbo kits. We use high quality 321 stainless material on the N52 manifold just like the N54/N55 and S55 kits. 321 holds up better in a racing environment and offers much better stability at high temps. The same heat shield is used and has been tested in the most extreme environments on our GT4 race car.


We are setting these kits up with a IWG v band Garrett G30-660 turbo for a max rating of 660 flywheel horsepower!! This will match up to a stock N52 engine perfectly. We recommend not going above the 450-470whp mark on a stock engine due to the smaller head bolts, wrist pin, piston design and connecting rod strength.


If you are building your motor please specify that and we can get you setup with a G35-1050 for up to a 900whp capable kit! Turbo kit contents are listed below. 

 The group buy discount of $750 off will remain for the next two weeks or until we sell out of our initial 10 kit max order QTY for the discount. Here is the parts list included in the kit and requirements to get the setup running! 

* To support this kit you will need a 335i style intercooler, cold side charge pipe, and stock N54 intake manifold. 


* the oil pan must be drilled and tapped to drain the turbo properly. For the turbo pressure source we recommend tapping into the filtered side of the oil filter housing. 

* The N52 cylinder head has an air pump port that is blocked off and not used. Please contact us for the required modification to fit our manifold. This air pump port modification can be done on the car.  


included parts list•


• Manifold

• Genuine Garrett G30-660 IWG turbo 

• 3.5 downpipe 

• custom motor mount 

• 3 in intake with filter 

• charge pipe 

• -4an turbo oil pressure line 

• -10an turbo drain 

• -4an 1/8 npt oil pressure fitting

• -10 an oil drain block fitting 

• custom coolant pipe 



* shipping ETA is roughly 8-10 weeks out on this setup!