4N-N5x tubular bottom mount

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This is our new N54/N55 bottom mount kit! 


 This is the same tubular bottom mount design that we’ve been using for our S55 lineup of turbo kits. So far it’s proven itself on the race track/ road course in our GT4 car setting world records. We also just hit 1010whp on a customers car that’s setup for drag racing. 


This kit uses all long radius bends to improve flow. it is also designed to be as close to equal length as possible while still utilizing the twin scroll efficiency and spool up!! This kit is setup to run the Borg Warner internally gated EFR lineup of turbos. No external wastegate lines to run and the turbo already comes with a boost control solenoid. So far I have not found a turbo as responsive as the EFR while making great power up top.


If you are looking for a Garrett option we will set it up with a G35-1050 but it will be a single scroll V band type turbine housing with a single wastegate open dump exit. 



Our downpipe is a 3-3.5 v band connection. Modification to your exhaust midpipe is required. 

These kits are custom built upon ordering and current lead time is 8 weeks out!