4N G-1200 external w/g

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This is a clean slate, all new setup. Cyl 1-6 all use long radius bends and we are using 321 SS material to manage heat better in a road course environment. The collector is aerospace grade quality investment cast stainless steel. 

We use dual wastegates to keep cyl1-3 and 4-6 exhaust gas pulses fully divided. This offers better spool characteristics and boost threshold over the 2-1 single wastegate design.

The charge pipe is an o-ring v-band connection to eliminate the possibility of any silicone connection failures. The custom heat shield guards the rest of the charge pipe from radiant heat and will help significantly drop IATs.

The downpipe is a 4inch turbo back which splits into a 10 degree dual 3 inch merge collector into a set of stock connection flanges. This kit uses a custom chromoly motor mount. With this we are able to only use one bend in the downpipe. The result? More flow. This kit is based around the Garrett G42-1200c. it utilizes a 73/91 comp wheel and 82/75 turbine.


The ETA on your custom kit will be 6-8 weeks. We will stay in touch along the way with updates. We will send a pdf with instructions and tips on install. No subframe removal required!

contents included in your kit!

1 twin scroll high flowing manifold

1 t4 twin scroll gasket 

1 G series or borg Warner turbo  

2 coolant fitting adapters

2 5/16 turbo coolant lines 

1 single charge pipe stock style connection 

1 4 inch intake with filter

1 single turbo downpipe 

1 oil feed line with adapter 

1 oil drain line with adapter 

2 tial 38mm waste gates  

2 waste gate dump tubes 




G force v3 boost controller, motive reflex or plex pro 

exhaust manifold gaskets